Saturday, July 30, 2011

New toy review

Yukon here~Mom got me a yellow and black ball that is flat on the top and bottom, called the Dog Dizzy.  She puts little bits of cat food inside and then I have to roll it around to get the cat food out.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Uhm, no.  It is not easy.  The darn thing doesn't roll.  It also doesn't come apart when you chew it.  I got a bizzilion tooth marks on it but it hasn't broken at all in over 24 hours.  Very few toys can say THAT!!!

Mom here~ it's an intelligence test toy made in Sweden by the Nina Ottosson company.  He tried to break it for quite a while, but that wasn't working for him.  I was very impressed that this toy survived his first attempts.  He has gotten treats out and knows they come out of the hole in the side.  It's weighted so it almost never gives out treats, because the part with the hole is on the light side and points up.  The next method was to pick it up and drop it, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.  He has gotten to the point of forcing it to move with his paws and grip, even laying on his side to get the treats off the floor.  Yukon is a pretty smart doggy, if I do say so, myself.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sucking up the Air

Yukon here~
It's still a steam bath in Indy.  There's another big car race in town this weekend....the Brickyard with Nascar.  Some of my hound buddies are howling all about it.  I don't know.  I keep my head down whenever there's a ruckus.  Just let a dog dig a hole and all is well with the world, I always say.  Well, I'd need my ball, too, if there was ever an Apocalypse.  But you know what I mean.  My world doesn't turn on any doggone car race.

I've taken to sleeping on the linoleum floor in the bathroom.  There's a air vent from the air conditioner that tickles my belly fur, if I lay right.  It's good.  Lovin life, Yukonoslug

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chasin' Bunnies

Yukon here~
Went to the woods for three days.  We didn't take Sally, cause mom said it was too hot.  Well, duh!  It WAS TOO HOT.  In the mornings and late afternoons, we walked to the tadpole pool and I went in every time.  It's gettin sort of low and slimey.  Mom wouldn't let me back in the camper until I got dry, and she said she wasn't using her good towels on me, either.  So, I hadda stay out and air dry.  I had my ball and egg to play with, and the tall grass makes it more fun, so I didn't mind too much.

On our walk to the pool, we saw a real live wild bunny!!!

Anyways, I saw him about the same time as he saw me, and the run was ON!  He didn't have to go very far until he holed up.  I snuffled around for awhile, until mom called me back.  The next time I saw that rabbit, I guessed he was going the same direction, so I zigged before he zagged and the bunny had to make other plans.  That time he ran a long ways, with twisty turns tryin to dodge me.  I know I was panting like a hound, but my smile almost cracked my face when I went back to tell mama about the adventure.  It's so much more exciting when you can see what you're chasing, and not just following some scent of unknown origin.  Don't know as I've ever seen half the critters that live in the woods, but I've smelled em.  And I've followed em.  Nope, I never catch em.

As always, Yerz, Yukonogram

Saturday, July 23, 2011

hot diggity

Well, me brothers at paw, either it's not quite so stiffling hot, or I'm just getting used to it.  The major dig under the maple is taking a turn.  Too many roots between the hole and the shed, so we're curving towards the back gate.  It makes me laugh to look at it.  Looks like lack of planning, but when you run into an obstical that you can't chew through, time to turn....

I just heard mom on the phone to sissy.  The magic words, "Bucca di Beppo" came from mama's lips....but she wasn't really talking to sis, because then she just said bye, without waiting for an answer.  I hope she goes.  Even though she hardly ever shares, I love to smell their garlic bread, and the chicken parmesan is drool-worthy.  Then I get to lick the pan before it goes into the recycle cans.  Ah......Bucca.

Yerz, Ykonski

Friday, July 22, 2011

After supper digging

Yukon here~ It's still hot with so much water in the air that panting doesn't even help cool a feller down.  I just lay beside the water fountain when I'm outside and take a few laps without getting up, whenever I need to.  It's the most I can do to lay on top of the doghouse and keep an eye on the yard.  Mom won't let me stay out for more than an hour.

When I come in to the AC, I have to sleep on the cold linolium floor in the bathroom near the vent.  I can't play ball.  Mom will throw it three times then makes me stop.  I would chase and fetch until I fell over and she knows it.  Now though, it's after supper and I'm digging on the hole that Gretchen started yesterday.  It's her turn to be inside the house.  Her work isn't all that bad, really.  Still kind of wide and shallow.  I tend to make deeper trench shaped holes.  Maybe she is more of a pond digger, whereas I am a canal digger.  We all have our dog-given talents, nature's wonders to perform.  The cool soil at the bottom of a hole is heaven on a hot day.

My friend Ojo has a deal with her mom.  Before Ojo is allowed to play ball, she gets sprayed with the hose so she doesn't over heat.  Then she gets ten minutes of ball before she has to go back inside.  I know Ojo's mom told everyone about their deal, so maybe mom will consider it as an option.  She broke down this morning and handed me the 6 inch ball-in-a-ball ball, inside the house.  It went under the stove first thing and I laid on my side and fished for it with my front paws, but no luck.  Maybe I can talk a cat into rolling it back?  Maybe that new cat, Sylvia....Gotta go, Yerz ever, Yukon

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gretchen the Grump

It's been un-doggly hot the last week or so, and today is just the same.  I get so rambunctious when I can't play ball outside.....and mom keeps making me come inside with the A/C.  'Course then I just try to play ball inside....which mom makes me that leaves tug-of-war. 

Sal is not a good combatant for that game.  She just follows wherever I tug her to.  It's gotta be Gretchen.  Then she goes over-board on the competition deal and turns all serious.  I try to tell her it's not that deep, but she insists on having her top-dog girly way.  She always takes the rope to her crate and chews on it by herself when we are done.  It's not sports-dog-like, if you ask me. Tug-of-war is supposed to be about give and take, not just take....but try telling her bully-ness that!  Ha!

Gretchen has applied for an intern possition as apprentice digger at the escavation site.  She shows some tallent and ambition, but seems to lack focus.  She can dig with enthusiasm for three minutes, flipping dirt behind her with a will to succeed.  Then, it's off barking at a cat, or scratching her back on the steps.  Exasperating.  Oh, but let me go check on her progress, and she's all "This MY hole" and back to digging like her life depends on it.  I miss my partner, Daphne.

Times is hard in the hole-business.  Yerz, ever, Yukon

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

doggone toasty, my pets

Yukon here, and I'm sad to report another drool dripping day....still in town, cause mama is afraid of the heat at the woods...sissy, girl, human.  Me and Sally from the Alley don't complain about hot, but we do love our cool.  In the truck we both suck AC.  You gotta love it when my hot breath makes fog clouds in front of the vent, right?

So, now, laying on the hardwood floor in front of the fan, stretched out so my undercarriage can get some fresh air....  Mom is threatening to strap mop heads to my feet so I can mop up my own water-bowl wouldn't that look just sweet?  Me with mops on my big ol clomppers?  Ha!  I got a laugh outa that one myself.